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ColomboHost.com, are delighted to announce that we will be giving away 100 websites for 100 Masjids around Sri Lanka and Maldives for free, Inshallah.

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Free Web Sites for Masjids

We, at ColomboHost.com, are delighted to announce that we will be giving away 100 websites for 100 masjids around Sri Lanka and Maldives for free, Inshallah.

Through these years of experience we’ve come to understand that due to the nature of the organisation it is difficult for them to cover the cost of developing a website.

ColomboHost.com we give a professional website with a free domain name, webstats, emails and so on.

Every website will come with a Content Management System (CMS) which enables the mosque administrators to manage the content of their websites with little or even no IT skills whatsoever.

You can order your website on any of the following languages: English, Tamil and Sinhala. More languages will be acomodated by online translators inshallah.

Each website will be equipped with the following features:

Main Product Features

Prayer Timetable
This feature will show daily prayer times on your website. The timetable also offers the option of Changing your location.

Events Calendar
To keep everyone up to date with the latest events scheduled throughout the year at a glance of your local mosque. This is and easy way of updating your community.

Latest News
This really useful feature will update everyone with the Mosque’s latest news and events in a more detailed format. Both Events and News comes with RSS feed so that your users can subscribe to them inshallah.

Donation Facility
Here your local Masjid will be able to collect donations on-line easily and efficiently by publishing your details and the needs of the mosque. At a later stage a secure online payment system can be used. (PayPal, EasyCash, ect), allowing the community and other visitor’s of your site to make a donation using their credit or debit card or even PayPal. You will also have an option adding your Bank details and Standing order details too.

You can promote your madrasha and provide detailed information for each class.

Media Gallery
A popular feature with all Masjids, everyone wants to know how the Mosque looks like, good pictures and videos of past social and religious events. You can also upload Friday khutbahs or other lectures in MP3 format.

Publications and Articles
This will facilitate the Masjid to share relevant Islamic articles and publicatoin with their autohors. You can have is as seperate blog if you like. This feature can be updated as often as it is convenient to you. The articles will be printable and can be easily emailed, allowing your readers to comfortably share any articles of interest with family and friends.

Useful Links & Resources
A variety of useful links that may be usefull.

Social Media
Almost all of the pages have a social media share feature where users can share the content on your website in their Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking accounts. In addition, you can also manage your own social media links on the website, inshallah.


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